About Us

8LACK is the new black.



We started our journey in March 2017 with a mission to build a community around 8LACK OFFICIAL and our curated brands with different generations, ethnicities, genders, and cultures while offering clothing and accessories exclusively in the color black to liberate everyone from limitations and enhance their confidence and creative self-concept. 


Not Just A Style, but Philosophy:

To us, and everyone else who appreciates fashion, black is not just a style but a philosophy. This simply means that every time you wear black, you are propagating a philosophy of minimalism and a casual lifestyle. You are telling the world that you don’t need to be colorful and fancy to stand out from the crowd. At 8LACK OFFICIAL, we are here to help you show your real personality by avoiding distractions and always sticking to your true self.

Outfits for All Occasions:

We have a wide collection of outfits you can use for all occasions. Whether you are looking for custom dresses, black formal dresses, or are interested in children’s clothing that is purely in black, you can trust that we will have something for you.

We are very thorough when it comes to quality. We work with top brand manufacturers to ensure that you get nothing but the very best from us. As one of the leading online vendors in Canada for fashion, we aim to make you proud by offering top quality products. 

Sharing Our Charity

8LACK OFFICIAL is not just a fashion brand, but also is an organization that cares about social issues and we always take action about them. 2% of the revenue on each item goes to charity organizations and we host fundraising events annually to donate all profits of the event to charity organizations such is Girls’ Action and other communities that support those who desperately need help. If you want to get involved in this movement immediately, you can always visit our donation page. 

Featured Brands

Our curation of clothing and accessories includes the 8LACK Premium Collection and designer pieces from all over the globe from Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, and many more.


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