Modern tang top by Meche The Label

Meche The Label

Product Details:

Seize the throne in our Modern Tang Top. Inspired by the Tang dynasty & Princess Pingyang, this top is meant for a powerful woman. It features our signature high shoulders, a traditional Mao collar and an eyelet with elastic button clasp for a touch of cleavage. Traditional yet modern, powerful by its' shapes and not over-provocative, this is the perfect top to wear to the office and during afterwork cocktail hours.  


Pair it with our classic high-waisted Satin Palazzo Pants and our FF Faux-Fox Stole and you’ll feel ready to command an entire army or just rule the party.


The Modern Tang Top is made from a blend of Ponte de Roma, Cotton and Polyester. It is extremely stretchy and feels light at the touch. It is a perfect four-season piece as the fabric is light and comfortable to wear, yet carried shape and structure. 


. Body fitted
Model is size 0 / 5'8"/ wearing XS 
. 60% Ponte de Roma and 40% Cotton
. Long Sleeves
. Elastic Button Clasp
. Colours : Black
. Made in Shanghai

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