Satin Kimono by Meche The Label

Meche The Label

Product Details:

Be an empress in our Satin Kimono Poncho. Inspired by the Tang Dynasty & Princess Pingyang, this is the ultimate versatile piece. Featuring no sleeves, and a V cut both front and back with faux buttons, wear the Satin Kimono Poncho as a sensual top with leather pants or use it as beachwear over a bikini. If you're feeling like you need more dimensions, make a knot in the front to transform this piece into a cute top and flowy sleeves! The possibilities are endless.


Pair it with our Faux denim pants for a girls' night out or wear it over a bikini at the beach. Create your own look with this versatile piece.


The Satin Kimono Poncho is made 100% of Satin. It is extremely soft at touch.


. One size fits all
. Loose Fit
. 100% Satin
. Faux buttons front and back
. Adjustable V cut front and back

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